Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2D: Week 014 Assignment (Concept Round 04 (Final Color))

This week the team focused on our color pass of the character thumbnails and the environment thumbnails.

For extra assignments this week the team created assets, updated old assets, updated the layouts of the style guides, continued working on the water shader, and researched sky dome creation.

My Work:

Team Task List:

Because of the success of the task list last week, I decided to continue making written documentation for the team to follow. This week I decided to announce a hard deadline for the team to make sure assets were turned in to the game efficiently. Everyone has access to this list and can check what they are doing, as well as what is being handled by another teammate. In this task list I included detailed goals of each task, what was noted during critique, and what I wanted by the end of the week. I also included set deadlines for each of the tasks, with priority tasks in mind.

Character Thumbnails:

This week I did a color pass on one of the scarecrow thumbnails, using the initial color palette we researched at the beginning of the project. 

Layout Tweak:

This week I got rid of the black bar separating the font from the page and added a drop shadow to pop out the title.

Water and Waterfall Shader:

For this week I continued iterating on the water shader. I created a waterfall texture as well. The, I added the water and the waterfall to the ground material, making lerps and vertex color nodes so the level designer may simply paint on the tetxure of the water and waterfall where they wished.

Anthony's Work:

For this week I had Anthony focus solely on creating the color pass for the environment thumbnails.

Michael's Work:

For this week Michael did a three color passes on the soldier scarecrow. He also concepted a gun for this scarecrow and updated the barn model with more shingle detail.

Matt's Work:

This week Matt focused on creating set dressing.

Ryan's Work:

This week Ryan exported his bucket model from his well and worked on animations.

Doug's Work:

For this week Doug added the corn field to the environment. He also reviewed some assets and optimized them. He also applied the wind material to the corn field.

For this week Doug updated the Windmill, adding the small details to the mesh such as windows, bricks, wood panels and a door.

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