Tuesday, November 22, 2016

2D: Week 013 Assignment (Concept Round 03 (Value Pass 02))

This week the team focused on our 2nd value pass of thumbnails, creating three strong character thumbnails and three strong environment thumbnails.

For extra assignments this week the team created assets, updated old assets, updated the layouts of the style guides, researched water shaders, and researched interactable objects.

My Work:

Team Task List:

This week I decided to create a task list for everyone, including myself. Everyone has access to this list and can check what they are doing, as well as what is being handled by another teammate. In this task list I included detailed goals of each task, what was noted during critique, and what I wanted by the end of the week. I also included set deadlines for each of the tasks, with priority tasks in mind.

Character Thumbnails:

This week I updated one of the character thumbnails, adding a new design to the pants, a different pose, hay sticking out of his clothes/body, as well as a different bird in his hat. I also updated the bird thumbnails I created, making the thin bird even more scrawny and adding a swirl to the eye. For the fluffy bird I took away the eye swirl and updated the values.

New Layout and Updated Pages:

For this week I took the critiques given to me about the layout and updated it accordingly. I also corrected a few of the pages based off of previous critique and re-printed them.

Water Shader Research: 

For this week I investigated how to make the water, keeping in mind the style and the fps of VR. I'll be adding more to this in the future, but for now this material works by using two texture nodes and two normals, both with different planar values with tiling.

Set Dressing:

For this week I assisted with set dressing, adding foliage to empty areas, cleaning up some of the wheat along the fences, adding in assets such as hay, barrels, and a wagon, and adding in the place holder lake.

Anthony's Work:

Environment Thumbnails:

This week I assigned Anthony the 3 Environment Thumbnails. Here he is pushing the idea of the environment and its final look.


This week I assigned Anthony the barrel model, as well as an update to hay. Here he decided to use transparency on planes to suggest hay straws.

Michael's Work:

Character Thumbnails: 

For this week I assigned Michael two Character thumbnails and one Crow thumbnail. In this design he is pushing the idea of the war that took place in Oz, which involved a scarecrow army. He also concepted how squadrons of scarecrows would have look with the Maya Toon Shader.

3D Model:

This week I assigned Michael the shingle detail of the barn. He has different heights to the roof so we can make an interesting layering shingled roof. He has a Maya Toon Shader on it here.

Matt's Work:

For this week I assigned Matt to update the scarecrow model. He began in Maya, then took it into zbrush, and is beginning the process of retopo. 

Ryan's Work:

3D Model:

For this week I assigned Ryan to finish his well, keeping in mind future interactions the player may have with the asset.


For this week I assigned Ryan to take Michael's rough animation of the scarecrow, clean it up, and add the bird reacting to the scarecrow and going to fetch his arm

Doug's Work:

Interactables Research:

For this assignment I told Doug to research interactable objects and the unique ways they can be used, besides just picking up objects. We decided that we would build upon what Kay researched about interactable objects to have the player be able to drag the wagon in VR. This research is still in development. The end goal is for the player to be able to lift the handle of the wagon and drag it.

3D Model:

This week I assigned Doug the task of taking Anthony's windmill and warping it to more of a Tim Burton aesthetic and making it taller. 


Using the proxy bird model we have, Doug created a bird rig and painted its weights. 

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  1. This team is kicking butt! Great work! Thanks for pushing everyone forward!