Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2D: Week 012 Assignment (Concept Round 02 (Value Pass 01))

The team focused on creating stronger thumbnails of the characters and the environments based on the thumbnails that were created last week. We also updated models and integrated VR elements based on critique.

My Work:

Character Team:

Me, Matt, Michael

Environment Team:

Me, AnthonyMichael



Doug's Blog: "For this week: I looked into how to simulate wind for the wheat field in UE4. To my surprise there is a built in material node that manipulates the vertices of mesh its applied to. Based on tutorials I referred to develop this material, black and white textures were used as an alpha to control which vertices were effected. No matter what the values of texture, some vertices were to seemingly impossible to control. After speaking to Chris Roda he simplified and improved the control of the effected vertices by using linear gradient node, which creates a black and white gradient based on the U or V direction.The material's node structure and gif of wind simulation in action. Fortunately this simulation does not cause performance issues. The FPS of the game barely drops. While there are a lot of wheat geometry, this may be a benefit of the 3 tiers of LODs."

Doug's Blog: "I also started developing an extension of the motion controller pawn that takes advantage of XYZ values generated when teleporting. Based on the combined level of the 4 environments, the Y axis is the direction where the player progresses across the VR experience. I determined this by printing the XYZ values to the screen after each teleportation. The Y value was the one to increase linearly and positively as progress is made. After this was determined, I developed a branch system to determine if the player is progressing through the world and this would data would control the rotation of the directional light that serves as the sun. This implementation would control the progression of the dusk to night but the directional light would only rotate if the player is moving towards the next environment and not if they decide to go backwards to explore further."

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