Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2D: Week 015 Assignment (Final Delivery (All Material))

This week my team polished up our level and concepts as a whole, fixing variations to the color scheme, adjusting a few models, fixing layouts, etc.

My Work:

Task List

Like last week, I created a detailed task list with goals, assignments, and deadlines.

Character Color Thumbnail and Crow Concept:


This week I edited the color scheme of the scarecrows clothes to include some of the yellow and gold of Michael's previous design. I also pushed on the crow concept because one of our critiques was that it didn't feel like a crow.

The Color Script:

This week I met with all the team leads and created a color script based on what they gave me from their levels. It still needs some fine tuning, but it shows the direction we're aiming for.

The Layout:

I also used Will's layer style guide to create a more appealing title.

Start Screen:

This week the leads Paul and Leah took control of making the start screen environment, while I handled the functionality and blueprints. I created text boxes in blueprint widgets for labels and connected load level nodes to blueprints in the class. These react to collision events, such as the player hitting their collision box.

Waterfall Cleanup & Set Dressing Tweaks:

This week I did small tweaks to the environment and narrowed the waterfall.

  Anthony's Work:

This week Anthony polished the color pass of the environment thumbnails.

Michael's Work:

This week Michael updated 3D assets in the VR Environment, fixing critiques with certain models. He also did an animation of the crow squirming, which can be seen on his blog.

Matt's Work:

This week Matt modeled the crow.

Ryan's Work:

This week Ryan added a handle to the well model, as well as worked on animations.

Doug's Work:

This week Doug continued researching different ways to interact with objects through blueprints, as well as optimized the level. 

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